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Senior couple considering life insurance

Protecting your assets is our goal

The Brad Kingsberg Agency

Life insurance designed for all stages of life

The Brad Kingsberg Agency is celebrating 40 years of service providing financial security to our client's families and loved ones


Know the changing phases of life insurance ownership...

The early years

Term life insurance purchased early in life is designed to provide a significant cash benefit to replace years of lost income, pay off mortgages and possibly even provide some cash for college funds.  The key to doing term insurance right is to purchase large amounts of it, since it is so affordable.

Purchasing a policy in your early retirement

Life insurance is designed to provide peace of mind for the insured and their survivors. Providing that peace of mind should still be your goal, even though you are retired and drawing from your retirement savings.

Planning your life insurance for the long-run

We all know that life insurance gets more expensive as we get older. So, the key is to buy a smaller and more affordable permanent life insurance policy to replace those higher face-amount term life policies.  After all, by now you will have saved for you retirement, but having some permanent life insurance is imperative for your surviving spouse, just in case something goes wrong and your savings doesn't go as far as you have planned.

Seniors should always buy permanent life insurance policies

Term life insurance is perfect for younger adults with families and is designed to protect a young family's income, so your survivors don't lose the home and other assets. Term life insurance policies rarely run much past age 80. That's why it is so important to buy permanent life insurance before you get too old and it becomes unaffordable. 

Indexed universal life policies are designed to last your entire lifetime with no increase in premium, when properly configured. They also build some cash value that can be accessed in an emergency, either as a loan or as a "partial surrender". 

Should the policy owner outlive their partner and there is no real beneficiary to speak of, the policy can then be surrendered and the available cash value can be used to supplement your retirement.  For these reasons, policy ownership in your later years is advantageous, for both partners.

Purchasing Final Expense Life Insurance

For many seniors, their biggest concern is making sure that they don't outlive their savings, fall into debt and are not able to pay for their own funeral.  Someone is going to have to pay for your funeral.  Don't be a burden on your family. 

Our insurance carriers make it affordable by allowing purchases of as little as $2,000, but are typically purchased in face amounts of $5,000 to $20,000.  Also, these small whole life policies are easy to qualify for, usually do not require an exam and sometimes can even be purchased on a guarantee issue basis. 

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